How to Look Younger – 10 Tips to Look 10 Years Younger Naturally


Skin aging is a natural process as they age, especially if the environment includes, air pollution, stress, poor diet, lack of hydration, use of common chemicals, your skin care system, hormones, and if you it is a smoker. As you get older your repair mechanisms do not work as well as when I was younger. Then, skin damage will become noticeable. It is likely to start to see wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin tone, age spots, puffing eyes with dark circles under the eyes, and “crow’s feet”. damaged skin is treatable, you can get a youthful appearance! Again, you can have skin that is activated again result in a skin that will look and feel softer and brighter with more elasticity, age spots decreases and fine lines, wrinkle reduction and a reduction in bags and dark circles under the eyes . To have a healthy skin, good habits and the right products are needed to strengthen and nourish the skin.

These are the great anti-aging food choices for your diet:

Water – Dehydration is the major cause of dry skin. Air-conditioned or heated room can easily cause moisture loss from your skin. Drink at least 6 glasses of water through out the day. When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Water also plays an important role in getting rid of toxin and waste from our body.

Berries – All dark color berries contain phytochemicals such as flavonoids. Flavonoids are very powerful anti-oxidants. They protect your skin from the damage of free radicals and repair your skin cells. Eat plenty of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, acai berries, etc. to gain the benefits of potent antioxidants. These are the number one foods that prevent wrinkles.

Nuts – Nuts such as Pecan, walnut, almond are great snacks and will do wonder for your skin. They are good sources of minerals and Vitamin B that benefit the elastin and collagen. Their healthy fatty acids can slow down aging process.

Salmon – Salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory that soothes and calms your skin. The high quality protein is an important source for skin repair.

Yogurt – Yogurt are rich in calcium, protein, and probiotics that add healthy bacteria to the intestines. Eating yogurt with active cultures of probiotics help promote clear skin.

Avocado – Avocado is a great source of Vitamin E and mono-unsaturated fat. It helps maintain healthy skin and reduce fluid retention.

Tomato – Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene, a powerful substance against free radicals. Lycopene is capable of inhibit sun-induced aging process. You can also find Lycopene in red grapefruit and watermelon.

Broccoli – broccoli is rich in another antioxidant Quercetin. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is also a great source of fiber. Foods that prevent wrinkles should also promote health from inside out.

Soy – Soy helps perimenopausal and menopausal maintaining estrogen level. Low estrogen cause loss of collagen and dryness of the skin. It also helps alleviate hot flush. Soy is the top choice of protein for vegetarian diet.

Whole grains – Whole grains provide soluble fiber, iron and Vitamin B. Complex carbohydrates s provide steady supply of energy and keep your weight in check. The rich vitamins and minerals are not just for healthy body, but also give your skin a healthy glow.

If you can replace your diet with these anti-aging foods that prevent wrinkles, you will radiate beauty from within and maintain a youthful appearance a lot longer. Age gracefully is only a few bites away.

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10 Ways to Slow the Aging Process – Natural Acne


There are many ways to fight aging, but the best ways are the most basic – exercise, eating a good diet and being aware of the best ways to fight the ticking hands of time.

Let’s look at some of the 10 best ways to fight aging. These anti-aging tips are easy to put into practice right away.

1. EAT LESS SUGAR – sugar compromises your immune system and we have learned that HIGH-GLYCEMIC foods are now associated with cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

2. EAT MINI-MEALS every 3-4 hours – this helps stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day and will not put undue stress on your digestive system. Make sure they are nutrient dense with plenty of WHOLE FOODS from the produce section at every mini-meal.

3. WORRY LESS ABOUT CHOLESTEROL – this tends to divert our attention from the bigger picture when it comes to heart disease risk. Healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and decreasing your body weight will have a much more profound effect on mortality than solely focusing on cholesterol levels.

4. EAT FISH – or take an Omega 3 (fish oil) supplement – this has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve your mood, feed your brain and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Think of the TIN MAN in the Wizard of OZ movie when they squirted oil into his joints and he was able to move about freely with ease and no pain.

5. QUIET YOUR MIND – stress is a component of every MAJOR disease – Cortisol – a stress hormone agest he brain by literally shrinking the hippocampus which is essential for memory and thinking. Cortisol causes you to put more weight on around the mid-section. Take a few minutes each day to meditate, do Yoga or practice deep breathing to lower your stress levels.

6. STAY CONNECTED – make connections with people. The longest lived and healthiest people are those with connections to something outside themselves. For over 2 decades, research has shown that people with few social connections are more likely to have poor mental health, poor physical health and die prematurely.

7. EXERCISE regularly – you already knew that but it will help strengthen bones, keep muscles toned, increase circulation, reduce depression, lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar levels, increase oxygen to the brain and is the BEST anti-aging thing you can do for yourself.

8. CHECK YOUR HOMOCYSTEINE LEVELS in your blood – the lower they are, the better off you are. Those with high levels have a 50% greater risk of a heart attack and 40% of deaths are due to high homocysteine levels. It is a compound that can lead to atherosclerosis by damaging the arteries. The good news is that B-complex will help bring down homocysteine levels. Take a B-complex supplement everyday and eat lots of leafy greens.

9. LOWER YOUR INFLAMMATION – when you stub your toe, chemicals in the body rush to the injured area filling with fliud and surrounding the injured areas with chemicals that fight infection and is part of the healing process – this is a good thing! The problem is that many of us are walking around in a chronic state of low-grade inflammation – this is NOT good! The dark side of inflammation is it can damage arteries and nerve cells and is a part of every degenerative disease including Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Eat ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS including fish, berries, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes and nuts. They contain phyto-nutrients and Omega 3’s that reduce inflammation.

10. VITAMIN D-3 – this is the most underrated vitamin – your body makes it only when are you exposed to the sun. It can enhance your body’s performance, fight cancer, and build bones PLUS significantly reduce your risk of developing a cold or flu, especially during the winter months. Many think the reason we get a cold or the flu is due to the cold weather – this is simply not true. The fact is we are lacking Vitamin D-3 because we are not getting enough exposure to the sun.

Start doing one of these tips each and every day. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you! I wish you glowing good health – always!

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5 Ways To Slow Down Aging And Look Young All The Time – Natural Acne


The aging process is natural and is not something you can prevent this from happening. As you age, the skin begins to lose moisture and become more prone to damage. However, there are many natural ways available to slow the aging process and youthful appearance. That’s 5:

Drink a lot of water

The human body is composed of 60% water and the exhausting daily routines this valuable resource that must be replenished. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day – more is obviously better. With a proper water content in the body is hydrated your internal organs and in good working condition. Also, you can help your digestive system running smoothly and stop intestinal irregularity. Last but not least, it will help your skin to be real flexible, vibrant and flexible, keeping hydrated and wash body waste.


Just like peas, corn is high in sugar and is therefore an enemy of clear skin, even though in many ways corn is healthy. One of these reasons corn is so delicious is because it is sweet. Corn is loaded with natural sugars which raise insulin levels thereby causing acne. Until you get through your acne stage, stay away from corn.


Bananas are high in sugar. That’s why they are so delicious. They also are high potasium and some vitamins. They truly are a healthy food. But, because they are high in sugar they will cause an insulin surge which leads to inflammation and acne. If you are looking for natural acne cures, then stay away from bananas, or at least reduce your consumption.


Natural cures for acne, you may have noticed, involving reducing your consumption of sugar. Here’s another food to avoid due to sugar. Most people looking for a health breakfast option turn to granola. I do. Too bad it’s usually loaded with sugar. This truly healthy food will send your blood sugar to the skies, thereby releasing a blast of insulin and setting off the inflammation process leading to your new pimples in a day or two.

Dried Fruit

Most fruit, though not all, is safe if you eat just a piece at a time. Eating too much fruit will give you a blast of sugar which will set off the inflammation process leading to acne. Dried fruit is bad for acne because just about everything has been dried out of it except the sugar. Dried fruit is essentially a lump of sugar. Eating just a few pieces can give you a surge of sugar, thereby raising insulin and starting inflammation process. stay away from dried fruits.

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Med Spa vs. Day Spa : The Difference Between a Medi Spa and a Day Spa


Is a Medical Spa Better for Skin Care Services Than a Day Spa

Many people think that a spa is a spa is a spa. This is not true. There are, of course, differences in the quality and cost of one tank to another. But there is a fundamental difference, which greatly affects the skin care services you receive. This fundamental difference is the difference between a health and spa center.

Two Types of Spas with Very Different Results

When people think of a spa, they are thinking about what is more properly known as a spa. There are spas to relax and feel better. You go through things like massages, facials and manicures. Maybe you go to a more exotic spa, where you can experience things like bathing in hot springs rich in minerals or covering the blue volcanic mud. However, regardless of what is done there, the idea is that you will feel better and more relaxed when you leave. This kind of spa has a valuable purpose and can definitely be worth it. The benefits of relaxation techniques like massage are well known, and they certainly look and feel better after visiting the spa. But if your goal is healing and beautifying the skin lasting a medical spa is needed.

A medical spa is very different from a day spa in a crucial area. Even if you provide most or all of the luxurious amenities that make a spa, this type of spa is mixed in a variety of non-invasive medical treatments and services. Any facility that is considered a medical spa will have several medical professionals on staff, as well as masseurs, beauticians and other experts in a health club. This makes a big difference. Due to a medical center includes medical professionals on staff are able to offer services such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and other skin care services that non-medical personnel can not provide legally. The idea is to use medically sound treatment based on science to improve the quality of your skin while enjoying the benefits of the spa experience.

However, a medical spa is not a hospital. While a wellness center can provide a variety of non-invasive medical treatments tested, they have limitations. If you need to invasive procedures such as plastic surgery, spa usually refer you to a specialist that can handle this type of work.

Which Spa Do You Need : Now that you know the difference between a spa and medical spa, they are well equipped to decide what kind of health you need. If you are stressed or simply to treat yourself to a spa it is the place for you. However, if you’re trying to make lasting improvements in the appearance and health of your skin, you will have to go through the center of natural medicine. With its own professional medical team and the ability to perform a variety of invasive medical procedures, this is the place to go for serious results.

How To Maintain The Health Of The Mother And Baby’s During Pregnancy With An Indication Of Diabetes


One time anticipated by a woman is a period of time to become a mother.  Although most women receive the messages of this type, with joy-full and gratitude, other women feel more anxiety disorders such as diabetes can. They would think that would immediately diabetes complications for her unborn child, or that her pregnancy diet should be limited so that the only food they can eat are those that had originally bland and tasteless. However, this is not true. Although women who should receive gestational diabetes during pregnancy does not see the situation as a reason to panic. The result of the diet plan for gestational diabetes not only the mother allows different foods to eat, nutritious and tasty but also lets you take a healthy life without it, a healthy baby take any defect that could she has initially feared. Instead of just saying what the mother should not during pregnancy, diabetes diet plan during pregnancy focuses on proper nutrition, and in fact it is no different should fundamentally different from other menus situational eating diet.

Diabetes can give the effect on pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant and a diabetic is your health and welfare of the child may be affected by the condition, if not careful. There is a condition known as gestational diabetes that develops when a woman is pregnant and most levels from after birth. The latter condition must be handled with care, and temporary indication of a problem may be that they could return. In both cases, the child’s health also depends assumed the status of the mother to complete.

This form of diabetes usually causes no symptoms. However, there are times when experience hyperglycemia symptoms such as; frequent urination and thirst, tired and fatigue. But they said that these symptoms are usually as a normal pregnancy. Pregnancy with gestational diabetes is not a direct threat to health. They can be managed confronted at a high risk of various problems, but poor gestational diabetes, such as; Premature birth, Pre-eclampsia and edema.

In addition to monitoring the level of glucose or sugar in the blood, you must learn to eat three meals and properly a small or average daily, so that the blood sugar level has stabilized. This is so useful, provides adequate source of nutrition for the baby. Besides the daily diet prosthesis size focuses on the nutritional value of food you take and also  control to doctor it’s a must.

The mother and doctor must work together to ensure that the baby as healthy as possible. Medications, diet and levels of blood sugar should be monitored closely for the benefit of the mother and baby’s health

The Benefits And The Side Effects Of Vaccination For Children


Almost all agree, was that the vaccination of the most effective measures public health ever done, but still remains one of the most controversial issues in medicine today. Let’s look this Disputes, in an attempt to really deceptive to disperse information and focusing on real problems that affect families.

After the effective of the vaccine was introduced, governments is hasty vaccines available, population and compulsory vaccination in many Case. In the 20th century, it was vaccinations for childhood diseases developed, such as measles, mumps and
rubella, diphtheria,  was ask for public school attendance.

Briefly, the vaccine may save the life of your child. Most illness their child after vaccination CDC can be vaccinated deadly. For example, the MMR vaccine protects from measles, mumps and rubella all of which can be fatal.

The Benefits of vaccination

  • The vaccination could save time and family finances. As it is known that all medical expenses They are expensive, so with children who have been vaccinated, they will be more resistant to disease and parents can save expenses medical bills
  • Immunization protects generations in present and future . A disease that usually kills a lot of people, is now paralyzed or threatened with extinction due to the vaccination. This is was thanks to the wonders of vaccination and parents continue to rely on doctor their children.
  • Vaccines are effective and safe . All know that is difficult to get children to see the shots, but when compared to what would happen when they were one of the diseases contracted that they are protected, is nothing

Side effects of vaccination

  • Some children experience mild side effects after vaccination. The types of seffects that can occur ranging from a child, but can be picky, tired, or lose their appetites are,a mild fever.a child can tenderness, pain, have swelling the injection site
  • Some vaccines rare cases where a child has an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Parents must provide their children an eye after being vaccinated. An allergic reaction to a vaccine which is usually a few minutes is given by chance a few hours after the injection.

Why Folic Acid Required By Pregnant Women ?


During pregnancy, eating a varied and balanced nutrition can give you the best start in life for the baby. How to cook also can affect the changes in the content of foods. Excessive cooking can affect the content contained in the food, as will lose water-soluble vitamins. much better cook vegetables by steaming.

Best nutrition for pregnant women is to eat a variety of foods that contain nutrients like calcium and folic acid are obtained from fruits and vegetables fresh. But it sometimes cannot be easily obtained from the pregnant women in everyday foods so that pregnant women can get these nutrients from supplements of calcium and folic acid. On fruits, folic acid can be obtained from strawberry, avocados, oranges. While on the greens can be obtained from green leafy vegetables, nuts, and also from some breads and cereals.

The benefits consuming folic acid

  • It is important during pregnancy is by taking folic acid. This vitamin in to prevent congenital deficiency of the vitamin B group in the development of the baby, help the cell division, will help the baby and mother in the formation of red blood cells.
  • It is necessary for the production of DNA which is necessary for folic acid for
    rapid cell growth needed to make the tissues and organs of the fetus in early
  • Folic acid, increase the weight to the child’s birth, it reduces the risk of restriction growth in the second half of pregnancy, thus reducing the chances of premature birth.
  • Folic acid also reduces complications during pregnancy, such as hypertension, pre-eclampsia and placental problems in infants
  • Although not conclusive, researchers have shown that folic acid can prevent
    Frequency Down syndrome.

How To Rebuild The Feeling Of The Children During And After Their Parents Divorced


For parents who decide to divorce, one of the difficult challenges faced is their children. Children of various ages is difficult to accept her parents divorce. Children will feel unsafe in family relationships when parents are not together anymore. Often children do not care about their problems in the marriage of his parents because both parents are busy working and hide their problems in children, but when the divorce happens, it becomes very unpleasant news for children.
For children and adults, adjusting the divorce takes time. It is very difficult for some parties and depend on a number of factors. Divorce problem that occurs in older people make the child feel difficult and stressful. Support from family, friends and people nearby are needed in this situation. Children with little support make them become unsafe. In contrast to the many support obtained, would make children become better. Children of divorce are more likely to: not confident, aggressive, school problems, couple troubles, depression, drug testing and use.
For couples who divorce and already have children, parents should provide a bridge between the parents so that children feel safe is between both parents and be joy in the middle of conflict divorce of their parents without favoring one.

Although the emotions of parents would be superfluous in a divorce, parents must realize that children also struggle to fit just like their parents. Children need to know that parents will still love them now and in the future.

During and after divorce, parents could be paying more attention to their children. Often talk to them and while you do not want to talk divorce adult appearance with your child, they want to understand what event. Make them again and love them and that divorce was no way your fault. Spend more time with them doing fun things you like and also tell your ex to provide quality time for their children. This is a big step in help your child rebuild their sense of security and well-being, and also will make children feel loved and still will not be abandoned because of the divorce. this will help your child and parents to feel happy returns.


Dental Problems Unconscious Children – Bruxism


A common problem that often occurs in children is dental problems because they like to eat sweet foods, snacks,drinks and they are less able to maintain the cleanliness of the teeth from leftovers. His teeth are still weak and then develop proper care must especially those who already have all the milk teeth will be lost to them. Usually children often go to the dentist to pull a tooth, patching cavities, or braces. Then they changed their teeth at an early age lose their appearance and this can affect their self-esteem in the future.

For children and adults, many types of health problems are linked to gum disease, if you teach children healthy oral habits at an early age is very important and can help prevent these problems, it affects them as adults. The other problems is about bruxism.

One thing to remember is to teeth grinding in children are not really bruxism. If parents hear the teeth grinding sound of the child at night, parents need not worry because it is part of normal development is not realized by children when they are asleep.  Instead of condition being a problematic , it seems a normal part of the tooth to be a child’s development, and children often grind their teeth until the age 6 0r 7 years old.

The reason still can not understand why this is happening, but the reason why that adult bruxism is caused by misalignment of teeth. For children , still make their teeth as they lose their baby teeth and permanent teeth are growing, and their jaws still grow up. This indicates that the  alignment will continue to change to provide, in a sense permanent state. Like its adult tooth begins to regulate orientation, most children grow out of teeth grinding stage.

In addition to the grinding sound, this problem can be seen in different ways. the symptoms of teeth grinding include when children wake up from sleeping, they will feel pain in the ear and the head, while chewing feel pain in the jaw.

one of the causes of grinding is due to stress. Parents can eliminate stress their child by fostering a closer relationship with them. Play soothing music to them, play together, reading bedtime stories, and other activities that accompany the fun for children.





Children, Parents, Television And The Impacts


Today, television is something that can be found anywhere and owned by everyone. Television provides entertainment for everyone.  Television  also gives the opportunity to see many things around the world.  Many children are left to the parents to sit alone in front of the television and watch the shows they want so that parents can do other activities without any interference from the children. The television had a positive impact and negative in life.

The positive impact of television

Television program can be used as teaching materials and to help children in various fields of study in order to provide the approach and extensive knowledge to learn the material.  For example, many television programs that consistently broadcast educational programs such as the discovery channel, national geographic, and other educational events. this shows that children can learn by taking positive side of the television, not only to learn the usual way.

One last point to consider is that television is a way to stimulate and interest in children visually. So it can be used to help children learn in a fun and reduce stress as when learning the traditional way television can be beneficial well as educational tools if used properly.  Television can improve their emotional and social development and can create a good environment in which children can study.

The negative impact of television

The effect television can cause insomnia when bedtime see television. Insomnia is when a person does not readily get to sleep too early or can not sleep again. Sleep is important and is not enough, can have a significant impact on the way we do during the day. Moreover, the intensity of seeing television that much can affect their lives with these concerns high cholesterol and obesity. Children spent their time to watching television at the time not to do other things. The main problems relating to health, scientific progress and the impact of violence in the city center. Involved the first evidence of the effects of television violence on the behavior of young

The conclusions role of parents is needed in assisting the children while viewing television. By choosing a program that matches children and limiting the time when the current child can see the television and when to turn it off. It can give a good impact for the children with their television.